Monday, March 16, 2009

Creative Commons and Internet Archives

Last Friday I had a great MAGNES day. I went to go meet with Mike Linksvayer at Creative Commons with Perian Sully and Francesco Spagnolo, with whom I work at MAGNES.

The office was cool and very low key, on Second Street in a building that felt like an old converted loft office in SoHo. So much about the meeting made me feel like a kid again, making my way in NYC in my twenties.

Francesco showcased some of what he had developed for delivery through flickr and other applications, namely the Jewish Digital Narratives.

Mike dug what we were doing and encouraged MAGNES to connect with Fred Benenson and others with Creative Commons, maybe even to be part of a Creative Commons Salon in S.F. Schuh-weeeeet. Dig it -- Benenson helped to found I blogged about that sh^t an' MAGNES a looooong time ago. Last October even...o.k., not that long ago.

From Creative Commons we drove on to the Presidio to join the Internet Archive Friday lunch. Perian helped get MAGNES invited as guests.

Again, I felt like a kid, full of the promise of technology. It was uplifting to be with Brewster Kahle and to see how he gets his team going.

Looks like the Internet Archive is going to help MAGNES get a large portion of illustrated books scanned in short order and viewable like THIS:

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