Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sokatch at Tehiyah Event

I was at an intimate dinner Sunday night to benefit Tehiyah Day School. I'm on the Board this year.

SF Jewish Federation CEO Daniel Sokatch spoke at the home of Andrew Greenberg of Greenberg Qualitative.

Sokatch's great. Wrote about him as new, young leader earlier.

He talked about new Jewish engagement and philanthropy as based on Four Pillars - Change, Torah, Service..and? I dunno. olomot, maybe? As in "worlds," or multiple layers of identity? He was so eloquent and fast and right now it's early on a Monday, the first Monday off of Daylight Savings...I'm gonna see if I can source his talk from either him or somewhere he's posted it.

Service was the big concept. He got all Obama-ed out. It was great! More on all this later.

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