Sunday, January 14, 2007

Don't Squat on My BlogSpot, Man.

billy Says:
Dear Levy (aka man of a thousand pseudonyms)

1) Yes- Dave is Dave and I am not pretending to be him
2) If I recall, you didn’t remember the land of the lost show (or maybe we made it the year you lived in Maryland)
3) You can do a guest blog, but it would have to be funny, not crazy. Send me some ideas… remember- NOT crazy.
4) Your last post- d.b.a. makes no sense at all. Maybe just to me, but probably to everyone. This is the crazy I’m worried about.
5) Why so angry?

1 comment:

billy said...

Spreading the craziness... I like your new blog. And you certainly seem, how shall I put this.... verbally prolific. 6 posts in one day- holy crap