Sunday, January 14, 2007

Me and the E

I called my good friend Dave in Boston, just to hear his voice and hear how things was jiggin' at the Newbury Comix, life in Beantown, etc.

Well and I guess I had to mediate or moderate the way I'd sorta blogged over top of his last blog on my now-English friend Billy's blog.

And I said to Dave, "Y'know, I'm sorta doing what it was those folks who used to move into vacant apartments back in nyc and steal their ConEd usta do... What's it..., what was that term?"

"Squatting, " said Dave, matter-of-factedly.

I had set up this Love It All Above blog some many months ago. So now I will try to use it, and leave my friend Billy a few less "crazy" post responses...

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