Sunday, January 28, 2007

Tony Clifton

Y'know, I don't know why I'm fascinated by Tony Clifton. But it may have something to do with Sarah Silverman.

"The question of whether she means it is one that Ms. Silverman has faced before. While most actors are reluctant to discuss critics’ opinions of them, Ms. Silverman addresses them head on, particularly a 2005 review of “Jesus Is Magic” by A. O. Scott, a film critic for The New York Times."
- New York Times, Janaury 31, 2007

Edward Wyatt from the New York Times wrote about A.O. Scott from the New York TImes writing about Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic:

“It totally hurt my feelings and was like a kick in the stomach,” but, she said, she found it fascinating.

In the review Mr. Scott said her act was “the latest evidence that mocking political correctness has become a form of political correctness in its own right.”

“She depends on the assumption that only someone secure in his or her own lack of racism would dare to make, or to laugh at, a racist joke, the telling of which thus becomes a way of making fun simultaneously of racism and of racial hypersensitivity,” he wrote. In short, he added, “naughty as she may seem, she’s playing it safe.”

Ms. Silverman said the review articulated a point that she had felt, but had been struggling to express. “That was something that always festered in the back of my mind that I never talked about...At the very least, it’s made me assess the choir,” she continued.

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