Monday, January 15, 2007

Talk about Synergized Media

Darth Vader is imprinted on my upbringing.

And "fetish" fashion has been something that I have never really quite understood exacterly. But I have been mightily impressed that there are humans for whom fetish is big.

I was just wandering through the Comic Book store on Piedmont when I walked Emil to sleep in the stroller this afternoon. And I noticed there was an "adult" section in the back. The adult section consisted mainly of "fetish" material, whether old Betty Page stuff or newer, weirder...nuthin' like dis doh.

I was sent this way by my dear, dear Neva Chonin(*):

Yeah, baby! Craptastic blockbusters like War of the Worlds and Revenge of the Sith continue to infest theaters, spreading their spores of stupidity, but on Teh Internets, summer fun and fetishes roam free.
No, this isn't another item about the Star Wars Kid. This is a shout-out to an intrepid lass on Yahoo! Korea who has posted pictures of herself in her favorite fetish gear, which leans toward the tall, dark and wheezy. C'mon, admit it. Darth Vader always trumped Han Solo when it came to sex appeal -- and that was without stiletto heels. He liked to hang with bounty hunters, and he talked just like James Earl Jones. Besides, the Darth Dark Side threw the best parties.

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(* -- O.K., O.K. -- I found it on-line on one of her outdated blogs, because I stalk Neva.)

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