Friday, January 26, 2007

Radio Star

I'm 'upposed to be on the radio in a couple of weeks and thanks mainly to a chance encounter with one of the more amazing cats I've had the good fortune to meet.

Jesse Townley came through the Magnes on a Sunday. We struck up a conversation because he had on all this Alternative Tentacles gear.

Jesse's been with the 924 Gilman PUNK ROCK COLLECTIVE. Ran for office he did. He's worked to help the Access Challenged. And he gives off one of the kindest-guy vibes.

Jesse's one of the peoples who runs Soap Box Derby on KALX. If I get a tape, I'll send it to ya'...all o' youse.

Jesse knows Jello Biafra. Sh*t, he works with him.

I was sort of hoping and expecting to meet folks like Jesse when I got out here. It just took a while.

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