Thursday, October 02, 2008

conspiracy theory

Right now listening to Jello Biafra and V. Vale at 924 Gilman.

It's a real trip to be in the same room as Jello Biafra. He sounds so much like Jello Biafra, it's eerie.

Both Vale and Biafra are still so grassroots, it's astounding. Really FFFin' fantastic actually.

Vale came in with a box of RE/Search and his OWN tablecloth. I loved that. If you ever do any kind of pamphleteering or promotion you'd understand that your own tablecloth means you are ready for anything. I bought the Modern Pagans book. It's got a recent profile of Genesis P-Orridge.

The night was a real recharge. Really small crowd. Mainly kids into the punk scene c.2008. Jello did some great rants in all his voices.

Jello says:

Don't hate the media: be the media.

We all believe what we want to believe.

About kids on the internet and self-publishing -- You don't exist unless you advertise yourself [and I'm not sure that's good]. That creeps me out.

He wants to "spread some positive disease."

Doing something is better than nothing.

About alternative culture disseminated through mainstream outlets -- Tomorrow's weird people or shitsters need to find the thing that will change their lives.

This evening was some real lo-fi, D.I.Y. sh*t that reminds me of the youthful energy that's got me to where I'm at on this planet. Very fulfilling. Glad to be here now.

The event was to support the Green Party slate for the Rent Stabilization Board in Berkeley. My invite came from Jesse "D.J. Luscious" Townley. Run, Jesse, run.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you already posted your report plus the photos. Thank you so much. Amazing. Keep in touch. If you're ever in San Francisco, please stop by!
All Best,
V. Vale

James G. Leventhal said...

oh my gosh, how did you find this?? I am so moved that you should. dear sir, what lovely things you said and did this evening. wow. the my bloody valentine story was great and I will relish now more doing dishes.
the planet's a such better palce with you on it.
thank you!

Jesse Luscious said...

Hey, he wasn't kidding about doing 4 hours of websurfing after seeing My Bloody Valentine!

Great to see you last night, Jesse