O.K. I L-O-V-E love Facebook

Here's some guy I went to high school with who just "friended" me...how the FFF was I ever supposed to find this guy, or have him find me like ever in any other "world model"?


He'd've never showed up for the reunion. (Like I would have?!...)

He'd've gone off-my-radar...even tho he plays a part or two in sleep-time dramas when my personal 90210 comes on in the midnight hour.

Christian Barry

- Teaches philosophy in the School of Humanities and is a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the Australian National University.

- He also produces Public Ethics Radio, an online audio broadcast with ethicists discussing timely and important practical dilemmas.

- Christian has served as a consultant and contributing author to three of the United Nations Development Programme's Human Development Reports.

- He was editor of Ethics & International Affairs, and directed the Carnegie Council's program Justice and the World Economy.

- He is author (with Sanjay Reddy) of International Trade and Labor Standards: A Proposal for Linkage (Columbia University Press, 2008).

- He is co-editor (with Thomas Pogge) of Global Institutions and Responsibilities: Achieving Global Justice (Blackwell, 2005), and (with Barry Herman and Lydia Tomitova) of Dealing Fairly with Developing Country Debt (Blackwell, 2007).

- Christian holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University, where he was a fellow at the Center for Law and Philosophy. He is the recipient of the 2009–2010 Leverhulme Visiting Fellowship.

And we just usta be friends...now we're "friends" again.


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