Shriver's Not behind Palin

FROM (SF Chronicle)

And, Shriver said, Palin has clearly evoked passions on both sides.

"I've been at dinner tables, and people start screaming about Sarah Palin ... and they don't scream that way about Barack (Obama) and John McCain, and I find that very interesting," she said.

"Let me just say the debate swirling around her, and around women in general, has been heated, confusing, conflicted, interesting, emotional. It has been, in many ways, a thought-provoking year for women of all ages and all choices."

Shriver, a Democrat, has endorsed her party's presidential candidate, Obama; her husband, a Republican, has endorsed McCain.

She said she remains impressed with Obama, particularly "his temperament."

"I found him from the beginning to be a man of calmness, very collected, introspective and really steady temperament ... and I think it's important in life and particularly important in a leader," said Shriver, who is the niece of Sen. Edward Kennedy and of the late President John F. Kennedy.


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